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Singles Awareness Day—Treat Yourself with These Self-Indulgent Gifts



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We all know what Valentine’s Day is. But “Singles Awareness Day?”

On February 14th, Americans across the nation celebrate Valentine’s Day where couples shower each other with affection, attention, and gifts. But perhaps a holiday that’s not as well-known is Singles Awareness Day, or SAD, which is celebrated the day after Valentine’s Day. SAD is dedicated to all those who are single and don’t necessarily have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.

Despite the rather grim acronym “SAD”, this is a day to celebrate and toast to your wonderful single self. This is a day where all the singletons out there embrace their status. It’s a reminder that it’s perfectly OK to be single and that happiness doesn’t depend on being in a relationship.

Just like those in a relationship celebrate Valentine’s Day as couples, those who are single should also celebrate their independence on Singles Awareness Day and treat themselves to something special.

Here are some fun ways to treat yourself on Single Awareness Day!

Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Who says someone else has to buy you red roses in order to enjoy their beauty and fresh scents? Why not have a bouquet sent to yourself to brighten your day and spruce up your kitchen table at home or office desk at work?

In fact, 4 percent of people have intentions of sending themselves flowers this year, so why not do the same? At least this way you can make sure to purchase the exact type of flowers that you want in the color that you love.

Cheers to You with Your Favorite drink!

It’s customary for couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day by clinking glasses of wine, champagne, or specialty cocktails. This year, purchase yourself your drink of choice and sip it in your favorite fancy glass while you watch a good Netflix show or movie.

Indulge Yourself with That Thing You’ve Always Wanted

Everyone has their wish list. Maybe you have something on that products list that you’ve been wanting for a long time but just haven’t gotten around to getting it. Since Single Awareness Day is about celebrating yourself, you have the perfect gift recipient to shower with gifts! This is the ideal day to spoil yourself, so if there’s some items that you’ve had your eye on for a while, go out and get it.

Go Out with Your Single Friends

While it’s perfectly alright to hang out on your own on Singles Awareness Day and have a grand old time, there’s always the option of going out with your friends, too. If you prefer the camaraderie, then surround yourself with good company. Odds are, your single friends may feel the same way, so plan a night out with your buddies and have fun together.

Take a Trip

Whether it’s just a weekend getaway or a week-long (or longer) vacation, celebrating Singles Awareness Day abroad might be something to consider. Check out a place you’ve never been before and experience a new culture and scenery.

Since you’re going solo, you can make all the decisions and avoid having to compromise on where to go or what to do. Plus, you can save yourself a lot of money since you’re only paying for one ticket instead of two!

Take a Class to Learn Something New

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill or trade but never got around to it? Well, now might be a great time to do just that. Whether it’s cooking, sewing, painting, woodworking, or any other skill, there are plenty of classes out there that you can join. You could even consider taking an educational class that can help you develop new skills for your career.

Not only will you be broadening your horizons and learning something new, but you’ll meet new people as well.

Shower Your Single Friends with Gifts

After you’ve bought yourself something nice for Singles Awareness Day, pick up a few things for your single friends, too. Or, consider planning a gift exchange somewhat like a Secret Santa so each person in the group is only responsible for buying one gift, which can go a long way at saving money. Receiving gifts is always appreciated, and a gift exchange with friends is a great way to spend the day enjoying each other’s company while doing something fun.

Spend the Day at the Spa

There’s no better way to get pampered than by spending the day getting various personal care treatments at a spa. Whether it’s a massage, pedicure, acupuncture, facial, or all of the above, a spa day is a great way to spend Singles Awareness Day. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy some peace and relaxation away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you want to save a few bucks, you can always enjoy spa day at home. All you need is a few goodies—like body sprays, body care products, bubble bath, bath bombs, and scented candles—which you can find at a discount when you use a Bath & Body Works coupon.

Go Out for a Fancy Dinner

A common way for couples to spend Valentine’s Day is to reserve a table for two at a nice restaurant. Well, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same! Pick your favorite place to dine or choose someplace special that you’ve never eaten at before. Book a table for one, or call some of your friends to join you to enjoy a few delectable dishes and toast to yourselves.

Celebrate Your Single Life on Singles Awareness Day!

There are plenty of perks to being single, including having the freedom to make your own decisions without having to compromise with someone else. To celebrate your single status, be sure to do something nice for yourself this February 15th. You deserve it!


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