Say what? Save money at Christmas? It’s a Christmas miracle!

It’s that time of the year where we’re all doing our Christmas shopping and we can spend a lot of money, if we’re not careful. I’m sure most of us want to save where we can. Now I’m here to tell you my sneaky ways to save cash during the holidays without missing out on any fun.

Bring the Party to You

Staying in to save money doesn’t have to mean holing up in front of the TV with leftovers. Instead of skipping the holiday parties, I just bring the fun (and grub) to me by hosting a potluck game night. Have everyone bring a dish or drink and set out a game of chess or Scrabble. Let the games begin!

Score Free Shipping

Instead of waiting in one line to buy a gift, another to have it wrapped and yet another to send it, streamline the gift-giving process by shopping for all your out-of-town relatives online. Most retailers will wrap and ship your presents for you, and they often offer free shipping during the holidays (find a list at

Stock Up your Fridge

I usually buy non-perishable or pantry items in bulk sizes if I can. They would either have long range expiration dates or foods that you can freeze. I advice to stock up on those now because the prices are going to be drastically lower now than they are throughout the year. I guess it has something to do with supply and demand. There’s a lot of supply, so they want to move those things quickly. Hence, they want to make sure that they are in demand and that the prices are low.

Shop Online

Another thing I like doing is to shop online. It’s just so much easier because you are not dealing with all the hustle and bustle of the people in stores. I really like to use Piggy when doing so. Piggy saves me ton of money and I’ve told you this in my other posts. What you need to do is simply sign up. Every time you shop at Macy’s, Nordstrom, wherever, just go to Piggy, type in the store and it will redirect you. After that, you will get a percentage back from the purchase you just made! They send you checks 4 times a year, so you can make a lot of money from them. You can also download them on your browser or on your phone as an app for easier use.

Use your miles

Airlines pump up their prices when demand is high. For holiday travelers, this means that tickets can be two to three times more expensive than usual. If you are a frequent flyer, consider booking your holiday flights with points. Although the tickets will likely require slightly more miles than average, there usually isn’t as much price gauging with awards tickets.

I would love to hear what other ideas you guys have. Just leave a comment and we can use this as a forum to help each other out! Have a fabulous day everyone!

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