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Filling up your relationship with fun date nights is part of the way couples stay happy and healthy over the years.

Filling up your relationship with fun date nights is part of the way couples stay happy and healthy over the years.


No matter how long you and your sweetheart have been dating, it’s important to keep the fire of your relationship burning. Make sure that you have exciting date nights in the mix! Yes, it’s easy to get into a pattern of going to the same spots and doing the same things over and over again. But if you want to grow as individuals and as a couple, you should always try to explore new places and try out new things together. Here are seven places and activities that you and your love can check out… without spending your whole paycheck on a night out.

Spa Date

Nothing says romance like a relaxing day at the spa. Check out Groupon to get some amazing deals on spa treatments like massages, facials, body scrubs, and more. Piggy can help you get 7 percent cashback from Groupon on top of the already-great deals. It’s a wonderful way to get off the couch and do something out of the ordinary with each other. And make yourself feel great while you’re at it!

Head for the Woods!

If you’re itching for a change of scenery, it might be time for you and your sweetheart to consider a camping trip. It’s the perfect way to get out into nature, where you can cook out at your campsite and fall asleep under the stars. Check Priceline for great prices on flights and rental cars; Piggy can help you get 3 percent cash back on your purchases! You can also shop for camping supplies at Bass Pro Shops and get up to 4 percent cashback through Piggy.

Scavenger Hunt

Bored of hanging out at home and watching Netflix? Come up with a plan for a scavenger hunt that you can go on together! You can make one up yourself or find ideas online; get some friends involved if you want to make it a competition. Use unique ideas, like buying each other a gift at Walgreens, where you get 4 percent cash back through Piggy, or going to the place where you had your first kiss to stoke the romance.

Build Something

Sometimes it’s fun to get active as a couple, and not just for exercise but to actually construct something for your home. DIY projects are a lot of fun when you get to do them with someone you love. You can find guides to building pretty much anything online these days, from dining room tables to wall sconces and raised garden beds. Find something that interests you both, and head to Walmart to buy the supplies and get 2 percent cash back.

Have an Iron Chef Competition

If either of you like to heat things up in the kitchen, try having an at-home “Iron Chef” competition. Take whatever ingredients you have left in your fridge and cupboards and see who can come up with the better dish. You might need to have friends over to judge! When you purchase your groceries at Walmart, Piggy can help you get 2 percent cashback. And if you need to replenish your kitchen, head to Sam’s Club where you can also get 2% cash back!

Craft Night

Another fun way you can spend time with your honey is to have a craft night at home. You can set up oil paints, colored pencils/pens, sketch pads, and other crafting tools and give each other an assignment. Sketch each other’s face, make a drawing that reflects the way you feel about each other, etc. It’s a great exercise in getting out of your usual routines and engaging your minds in some creative activity. Buy your craft supplies at Target and take advantage of 1 percent cashback through Piggy! You can also get hardware supplies for 3 percent cash back at Ace Hardware.



Filling up your relationship with fun date nights is part of the way couples stay happy and healthy over the years. Try some of these unique date ideas, and let Piggy help you with some of the costs!

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