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Spring Clean Cleaning: 11 Best Eco-Friendly Products



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The first day of spring is fast approaching with rich anticipation and longing of warmer weather and sunnier skies. And as the snow starts to melt to make room for blooming flowers, it’s time for some serious cleaning!

While you might keep up with everyday cleaning chores around the house, a deep cleaning is warranted once in a while to get rid of any caked-on grime and deep-rooted dust bunnies that may be lurking in forgotten corners. And while a deep cleaning can happen at any time, spring is a great time of the year to tackle it.

March 20th marks the first day of spring, so why not get your home ready for better weather with a thorough cleaning job! Here are a few tips to make spring cleaning a breeze.

Clean by the Room

The thought of tackling your whole house at once can seem overwhelming and daunting. Rather than approaching your spring cleaning this way, tackle it on a room-by-room basis. Keep a checklist handy of all the things in each room that need to be cleaned, then move on to the next.


It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates over the months, and the spring is a great time to purge things that are no longer needed. Identify items that you want to keep, those that can be donated, and those that are better off tossed in the trash.

Involve the Family

There’s no reason why you should tackle this big job on your own. Instead, offer different age-appropriate tasks to each family member so everyone can get involved and feel like they’re contributing.

Swap Your Cleaning Products For Eco-Friendly Ones

We’re so used to cleaning our homes with conventional products that are full of harsh chemicals that we can’t even pronounce. Unfortunately, such chemicals can be harmful to our health when we breathe in the fumes over the long run.

Rather than filling your home with fumes from conventional chemical-laden cleaning products, consider using eco-friendly products instead. Luckily, Bed Bath and Beyond offers deals on all the natural cleaning products you could possibly need, so gathering your arsenal of items is a cinch.

Here are a few eco-friendly cleaning products from Bed Bath and Beyond to add to your inventory.

Floor Cleaner

Of all surfaces in the home, the floor tends to get the dirtiest. To disinfect your floors and leave them gleaming, use this eco-friendly floor cleaner from Bed Bath and Beyond.

It’s free of harmful phosphates and is safe for use around children and pets. The ingredients in this product are distilled water, organic alcohol, organic acetic acid, and organic essential oils and botanical extracts.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpeting needs a great deal of attention when it comes to cleaning, as dirt and grime can become deeply rooted within the fibers of the carpets. To extract this debris from the carpet effectively yet gently, shop the Bissell Deep Cleaning Solution, complete with a Febreze formula that will leave a gentle scent while removing any unpleasant odors that are typical of carpets in need of cleaning.

This product is made with an eco-friendly formula that is free of heavy metals, dyes, and phosphates. Even the bottle is gentle on the earth; it contains a minimum of 25% recycled plastic.

Baby Toy Cleaner

You probably don’t clean your baby’s toys on a regular basis, but just think of all the germs that can make their way onto the surface of these items. Keep your baby safe with this non-toxic, EPA-certified cleaning product that’s made from natural, plant-based ingredients. Feel free to go beyond just the toys and use it to clean the crib, stroller, feeding table, or play mat!

Laundry Detergent

While laundry isn’t necessarily reserved for a day of spring cleaning, it’s still something that needs to be done almost daily. Rather than filling your washing machine with toxic detergents that can leave the skin feeling dry and itchy, use this Pure natural laundry detergent to tackle stains while leaving your clothes free of chemicals and smelling fresh.

Be sure to shop with Bed Bath and Beyond coupons in hand from Piggy to cut down on the price.

Stovetop Grease Cleaner

To tackle the job of cleaning grease and grie off your stovetop without filling your home with chemical fumes, use this Astonish cleaning solution to easily remove grease from your stovetop. It’s made from natural ingredients and is never tested on animals. It’s even kosher!

Purchase yours from Bed Bath and Beyond with a coupon code, and benefit from major savings.

Shower Cleaner

After a few showers, the floors and walls of your shower stall can quickly develop a film that can be tough to remove. But not if you use the right cleaning product!

This non-toxic, environmentally-friendly shower cleaner is free of phosphates and chlorine. Made from plant-based, natural ingredients, it’s hypoallergenic and safe for kids and pets.

You can find great deals on eco-friendly shower cleaners at Bed Bath and Beyond using coupon codes from Piggy.

Drain Unclogger

Over time, drains can slowly become clogged, which can cause water to drain very slowly and even back up. But rather than pour harsh chemicals down the drain to clear them, there are more eco-friendly products available that do an equally effective job.

This Green Gobbler drain unclogger is biodegradable and safe to use in all types of drains.

Reusable Dusting Cloths

Clean dusting cloths are a must to get rid of films of dust that can easily accumulate, and these reusable dusting cloths are both asthma- and allergy-friendly. They don’t even require any spray, so you can dust your home without having to use any cleaning products at all.

Find great deals and purchase yours today with coupon codes you can download with Piggy.

Dishwasher Detergent Packs

Eat from your dishware in confidence knowing that it’s been cleaned with natural detergents. Method Power Dish Detergent Packs is a naturally-derived formula that’s free of phosphates and chlorine with no harsh scent.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Rather than fill your closet with a slew of cleaning products, consider getting just one all-purpose cleaner. This environmentally-friendly cleaning product is non-toxic and plant-based with no harsh chemicals to irritate skin or harm the environment. Plus, it leaves behind a fresh, naturally-derived scent.

Pet Shampoo

When it comes to spring cleaning, don’t forget about your pets! Papo’s Simply Pet Calming Shampoo not only works well to clean and deodorize your furry friend, but it’s non-toxic, pH balanced, hypoallergenic, and void of any harsh chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Now that March is in full swing, it’s time to start planning your spring cleaning! But before you start to clean, be sure to gather up an arsenal of eco-friendly cleaners that are safe for both you and the environment.

So where can you get all these amazing products at a low price? At Bed Bath and Beyond! And with a Bed Bath and Beyond promo code from Piggy, you can discount your entire purchase and lease more money in your pocket! Download Piggy on your browser and start your savings!


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