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Spring is literally at our doorsteps, so there’s little time to waste when it comes to prepping your surroundings accordingly. After you’ve done your spring cleaning and your interior and outdoor spaces are ready for the warmer, brighter spring season, it’s time to start paying attention to all the little details, including outfitting your home with all the sweet spring scents available.

Keep reading to gain some inspiration of how to emulate the smell of spring in your home, and how to find the best deals on spring scents, whether you’re searching for candles to add to your home or the best spring fragrances for your collection.

What Do Spring Scents Smell Like?

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You want to infuse the scent of spring into your home, but how exactly do you do that? And what exactly does “spring” smell like, anyway?

Generally speaking, the smell of spring refers to anything light and earthy. Spring scents literally smells like the outdoors; more specifically, it is the sweet smells of the outside that are reminiscent of the spring season. Spring scents are all about jasmine, citrus orchards, lilacs, fresh freesias, lilies, and magnolia. Think of all the plants and flowers that bloom during the spring season and the showers that are typical in April, and imagine the wonderful aromas of freshly baked goods after a Sunday afternoon of spring baking.

These are the spring scents that you want to emulate in your home. But, rather than having to drag all that greenery inside or bake all day long to achieve these scents indoors, you can easily bring the scent of spring in your home with wonderfully spring-scented candles or spring perfume.

Why Spring Scents Can Set the Right Mood in Your Home

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Not only do scented candles help to improve the smell of your home and make it a more pleasant interior, they can also effectively set the right mood and tone of an interior. More specifically, candles have a way of inducing a relaxing effect on us. In fact, science suggests that candles soothe us with both their gentle scents and peaceful light that they generate, making them the ideal element to incorporate into an interior when a relaxing atmosphere is desired. The dancing flame of a candle calms our souls and relaxes our minds. When our eyes see the gentle flame of the candle, our brain processes such information accordingly, prompting us to relax and help us feel more emotionally and physically at peace.

Plus, when you include a candle in a spring scent that you personally appreciate, your life at home can become even more pleasant.

The Best Spring Scents to Introduce to Your Home

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Now that you know how beneficial candles can be to your emotional and physical health, it’s time to choose a few different spring scents to create a healthy, tranquil, and pleasant environment in your home.

Bath & Body Works makes shopping for spring scents easy with a vast array of scented candles, but you can also check at candle specialty stores, like Yankee Candle, or home good stores, like Pier 1, to find fantastic deals on spring scents.

Here are just a handful of the best spring scents you should snag for your home, or look for in a new spring perfume:

Fresh Cut Lilacs


Lilac-scented candles are easily one of the best-selling spring scents. Every spring Americans delight in the sight and aroma of beautiful lilacs. The first sight of lilacs blooming is a good sign that spring has officially arrived. With their unique sweet scent and gorgeous pastel blooms, they remind us of all the promise that spring has to offer.

Aside from candles, most stores also offers a slew of other lilac-scented products, including:

  • Plug-in wall fragrances
  • Spring perfumes
  • Soaps
  • Fragrance melts

Banana Bundt Cake

bundt cake

There is perhaps no spring scent more pleasant than sweet banana bundt cake. The perfect blend of bananas with butter, sugar, flour, and nuts is pleasing for your nose, and may also make your mouthwater! While you can whip up a batter of banana bundt cake for you and your family to enjoy every day, it’s much easier to get yourself a scented candle or room spray that smells as if someone’s just baked a fresh bundt cake.

Eucalyptus Rain

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Eucalyptus easily reminds us of springtime too. Not only does it smell like gentle rainy days, it also reminds us of spring cleaning as it’s often an ingredient used in natural cleaning products. Eucalyptus is the classic essential oil used for spring cleaning. You can waft the aroma of eucalyptus throughout your home with a scented candle or diffuser with eucalyptus essential oil. Simply light the candle or turn on the diffuser and you’ll be able to enjoy the lovely smell of eucalyptus for hours.

How to Save Money on Spring Scents

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Now that you know all the best spring scents, it’s time to shop! Filling your home with spring-scented candles is great, but saving money while you’re at it is even better. Right now you can take advantage of several deals on spring perfumes and candles when you shop at your favorite stores with Piggy. Simply download Piggy as a browser extension for Google Chrome and allow it to work its magic by automatically applying coupons on websites like Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle when you check out. You can even earn cash back on your purchases!

Top Cash Back Offers To Help You Get The Best Spring Fragrances

Spring is such a wonderful time of year that we all look forward to after a long, cold winter, so why not take advantage of many affordable and effective ways to bring the spring to life in your home? Shop for the best spring scents with Piggy and you can enjoy the spring season with the brightest savings!

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