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Step Into Spring: Casual Shoes for the Season



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By now, you must be getting pretty tired of wearing those big, bulky boots every day, trying to make your way through the cold snow, slush and ice. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as spring is fast approaching! In a few short weeks, the weather will be a lot more conducive to shoewear that consists of more than just winter boots!

As the temperatures increase and the snow melts, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off today’s spring season’s shoe trends. And this upcoming season, there are a slew of fabulous trends in the shoe department that you’ll definitely want to try out!

Adding a host of different shoes and sandals to your repertoire might sound like an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be! With coupons and rewards programs, you can experience major savings with every purchase. After all – all customers love to save when they shop!

So, what are the top shoe trends to hit the world of footwear fashion this season? Let’s check them out!

Wedge Sandals

Women who are looking for a little extra height love wedges. They’re incredibly flattering while elongating the legs and adding a couple of extra inches. Wedges have been a staple in spring footwear, and the trend doesn’t seem to be losing any steam. While wedges may sometimes be the focus of criticism from fashion critics, they’re still in style.

Top shoe designers have continued to include them in their line of footwear, signifying that wedges aren’t going anywhere soon. In fact, designers have made them incredibly chic while providing just the right amount of height, so you simply can’t resist adding a pair or two to your shopping collection!

Get the look with these great styles:


We’re longing for the days when we can just slip on a pair of flip-flops and run out of the house in a matter of seconds, aren’t we? Well, those hot days are on their way! And flip-flops make the perfect type of shoe to characterize the warmer season.

While flip-flops might sound incredibly casual and only meant for the beach, today’s stylish flip-flops can even be worn with your best outfit. This “lazy” shoe might be easy to slip on and off, but the styles that are out these days make them an incredibly versatile type of footwear.

Some flip-flop styles might still only be appropriate for lounging poolside, but depending on the style and embellishments, some can actually be paired with a dress or suit. You can purchase a great pair of flip-flops while enjoying savings by using store coupons.

Check out these classic styles for some inspiration:

Woven Sandals

Woven wedges and espadrille sandals really came on with a vengeance last year, and the thread is still going strong. These particular types of shoes have an uncanny way of being very casual and comfy yet adding a bit of class and flair to any outfit.

In fact, woven sandals are probably the best type of shoe for the summer and characterize the season perfectly. With these types of shoes, you can effortlessly channel the south of Spain without actually having to book a flight!

Here are a couple of great pairs of woven sandals to consider:

Toe-Loop Sandals

Slides and sandals are the easiest types of shoes out there, but if you’re looking for something a little more embellished and decorative, toe-loop sandals are a must.

The loop at the big toe not only helps keep the foot in place, but it also adds a little “bling” to your footwear. And don’t forget your JCP coupon when you purchase these shoes at the JCPenney department store!

Here are some great options to try:

Sport Sandals

For the ultimate in superior comfort, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a pair of sport sandals. Designed with the active individual in mind, these sandals are the perfect shoes to wear when a lot of walking is in store for the day while keeping your feet cool and comfortable at the same time.

And while wearing socks with sandals may have been a major fashion faux-pas in the recent past, these days the combination is actually considered on-trend. So don’t be afraid to wear your favorite pair of sport sandals with different colored socks to really make a fashion statement.

Here are some great options to look into:

Seashell Shoes

A huge trend in the world of sandals lately has been seashells. Adorning sandals with aquatic trinkets instantly boosts their style factor and dresses them up quite a bit.

It’s not uncommon to see fashion-forward ladies sporting a pair of stunning seashell sandals with a casual sundress during the day or a dressier outfit in the evening for a night out. Go ahead and channel your inner mermaid with some seashell sandals!

Here are a couple of great options to try out:

Flatform Sandals

You read that right – “flatform” instead of “platform.” What’s the difference? Flatform heels have a thicker sole (especially in the front), making them much more comfortable and easier to walk in. You’ll look stylish and add height without sacrificing comfort. Be sure to shop with JCPenney coupons to save a bundle at the checkout counter.

Give these flatform sandals a try:

Final Thoughts

While it might seem like the warmer weather is taking forever to get here, it’ll be here before you know it! So now’s the time to start collecting all those awesome spring and summer shoes and sandals to slip into. And don’t forget to shop with store coupons so you can add to your shoe collection and enjoy savings without breaking the bank!


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