You think you’ve been doing a good job, setting aside a staple amount from your earnings to pay your bills and build some savings. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can do much better than the financial habits that you have now. You may be coasting along smoothly, but there are some ways you can tighten your belt some more without restricting yourself too much. Because yes, you are wasting money without realizing it. Here’s how to stop:

Quit those fees.

ATM fees and late fees, that is. Avoid ATM machines without your bank’s logo, and be diligent in paying your bills. You’re giving away money you can spend instead on yourself, your loved ones, or on an investment for the future.

Put things in perspective.

Do some mental math. How long do you have to work to purchase something? That dress will be worn how many times until it falls apart, or until people won’t get tired of seeing you in it? How much tax is included in that bill of yours, and consequently, how much time and effort will you have to spend to raise that tax money? Being more conscious of the trade off between your time and effort, and the amount you shell out for anything will aid you in quitting the wastage cold turkey.

Plan better.

When we’re off rushing, we tend to shell out more money. You’re late to an event so you need to pay the valet to park your car instead of finding a nice spot in the garage if you would’ve arrived early. You purchase last-minute gifts and never get to canvas for the best deals. You consequently also have no choice but to purchase the more expensive-than-the-usual-gift wrapper gift bags, or to pay for gift wrapping services. Organizing your life better actually has more impact on your money habits than you thought.

Do you really need that?

This is the question we’re most often told to ask ourselves before purchasing big-ticket items. But if we begin asking this more often, on a daily basis, for every purchase even when it comes to the cup of Starbucks, then we will realize that there are corners we can cut that won’t make us feel like we’re cutting corners at all. Minimalism, after all, is a big thing in fashion. There’s no reason it can’t be as huge a deal in real life.


Money certainly doesn’t grow on trees, so stop wasting it.

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