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Stores with free shipping is where it’s at. What? Where!? The pure joy of not paying for shipping because you can, this is where it’s at. Whether from your sofa or mobile on-the-go, it’s no secret that a simple Google search will help you find the same products sold on several sites, no matter what you’re looking for. So, when the price is the same, how do you decide where to buy? Chances are you’re going to opt for stores that have free shipping, and we’d have to agree this is a smart, money saving move!

How many times have you filled your online shopping cart? You found everything you were looking for, plenty of good deals, and then some. You swiftly proceed to check out only to be bummed by sites without free shipping. From 5 bucks to $15, it all adds up! Make the mistake of paying for shipping no more! Never pay for shipping costs again, when you shop at the right online stores with free shipping (and have Piggy installed!).

In pandemic times, online shopping is not only an excellent way to skip the crowds and lines. It’s a way to shop from the comfort of your home where you’re safe and sound. No hand sanitizing gel, no mask, no problem! Want even more good news? There are many online stores with free shipping worldwide, and some even offer free international shipping direct to your door. 

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What Online Stores Have Free Shipping?

From monthly subscriptions to filling your cart until you reach a store’s order threshold, free shipping from online stores has never made your shopping cart so light. Spend more on what you really need and forget the price tag for shipping with a few tips in mind. Here are our 10 favorite online stores with free shipping to get your saving started!


While you’re already getting a steal from one of our favorites, take advantage of free shipping when you spend a minimum of $34.99 at Groupon. Gift-certificates for restaurants and beauty services, like a massage or hair cut, don’t even require shipping because your bargain will be sent directly to your inbox! For all of their other great deals, take advantage of free shipping by reaching their minimum spend requirement.

The North Face

Spend more time exploring the outdoors and less time in the actual store! No minimum, no promo code, you can get free shipping all the time by shopping on The North Face website.


It wouldn’t be a good purchase if it wasn’t from Costco. Ready to take your grocery shopping experience to the next level? Have your kitchen staples sent to your front door! Spend $10 more at your favorite grocery store and the shipping’s on the house. Bet you never thought Costco would be on our list of free shipping stores, but getting free shipping can be just that easy!


Free shipping comes quick when you spend $50 or more at one of the best department stores in the US. Whether your shopping for home goods, shoes, or clothes for your kids, Macy’s has always been loyal to their customers, and that includes making sure they can get free shipping on nearly every order. You can also save even more than shipping costs by utilizing some of Piggy’s best Macy’s coupons.


Software, hardware, cell phones, and tech accessories galore, Microsoft is one of our favorite tech stores with free shipping. And even better, if your order isn’t exactly what you were looking for, they’ll help you ship it back for free too. No need to respect a minimum spend at this site with free shipping, just take advantage of Microsoft’s frequent shipping coupons on Piggy.


Power tools, pots and paint, home repairs, and everything in between. Whether you’re doing it yourself or taking the backseat on a home project, check out some of the best home improvement deals at Lowes and have your order to your door within a few days. Long gone are those weekends spent wandering aisles, if you know exactly what you’re looking for then just spend $45 (or more!) and Lowes will soon have it arriving at your door.

Advance Auto Parts

Wondering what’s the best free shipping website for your wheels? Whether you need wipers for your windshield or pretty much anything auto related, you can have it all delivered for free when you spend $35 or more at Advance Auto Parts.


Get your shoes and sports gear from one of the largest shoe stores with free shipping online when you spend $75 or more. Skip the mall and have a gander at their large selection of the coolest sneakers around online on their website instead. From casual kicks to cleats and shorts to hoodies, pay only for what you receive when your order online at Eastbay and meet their minimum spend.

Office Depot & OfficeMax

Shopping for toner, staples, an ergonomic chair, or maybe just a whole lot of paper? Whether for a big office or the office tucked away in your home sweet home, you can skip shipping costs when you spend $99 or more at Office Depot and OfficeMax.


In addition to excellent prices, Overstock will happily help get your order to you without making you pay extra for shipping! Whether you use one of their regular free shipping promotional codes or you spend $45 or more, count your savings when you shop at Overstock because you won’t be spending more for shipping.

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Shop & Save at Online Stores With Free Shipping

Long gone are online retailers attracting customers simply by advertising free shipping. These are few and far between because there are so many stores with free shipping offered, no questions asked. And those that don’t give you free shipping year round will at least try to get you your order for free during holiday shopping seasons or other special promotional periods. The majority of free shipping stores have a minimum, but with online shopping on the rise that’s becoming less and less of a concern for online shoppers! No matter what you’re shopping for, you can find stores that have free shipping so you can spend more on what you actually need and less on the shipping to get it to you.

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