10 Budget-Friendly Summer Backyard Must Haves 2021




School’s out, the majority of Americans are vaccinated, and the lawn just keeps getting greener; this is all excellent news! As spring blossoms right before your eyes, this must only mean one thing: backyard barbeques and lawn parties are just around the corner. Get ready for all the summer fun this year with the best backyard must haves for 2021.

Warm sunny days with the sprinkler running and squirt gun fights with the kids are just around the corner. Now’s the perfect time to start thinking about getting your backyard in order, so you’re ready for those hot summer days and warm summer nights. Clean-up the patio, get the lawn in order, and let the good times roll. Make this summer the best summer with the help of a few backyard essentials!

nice backyard with a cast-iron fire pit

The Top 10 Backyard Must Haves For 2021

1. A Cast-iron Fire Pit

Make any summer night memorable with one of hottest backyard must haves for 2021. There’s nothing like sharing stories and good times around a fire. Give your summer night a new glow this year with a cast-iron fire pit. Late night hot dogs and s’mores over an open fire, anyone? 

2. String Lights

Lighting makes any occasion more special and that certainly includes the outdoors. Bring a cozy mood to your evenings with this backyard must-have. There’s nothing easier than stringing outdoor bulb lights between a few trees to take your outdoor entertaining scene to the next level. They’re easy to put up and extremely low-maintenance, making them a purchase you’ll surely never regret. Turn any backyard on a budget into a chic upgrade with this easy and affordable addition.

3. A Shed

While definitely not the sexiest backyard must have of 2021, a shed is without a doubt one of the handiest backyard staples. This tried and true suggestion is an easy solution to organize all your tools and toys for any outdoor space. Let the DIY-er inside of you shine with this fun and practical weekend project. Shop at Lowes with the best coupons to get everything you need to turn your next backyard project into an easy, affordable weekend activity.

outdoor furnitures in the backyard

4. Outdoor Furniture

Give yourself the perfect reason to spend more time outside this summer with stylish outdoor furniture. From outdoor sofas and end tables to dining tables and accompanying deco, find the coolest backyard essentials at stores like Pier 1. While you’re at it, take advantage of Piggy’s Pier 1 coupons and the chance to earn 3% cashback on all your Pier 1 purchases this season.

5. Planters & Pots

One of the best ways to spruce up your backyard on a budget is by adding a few pots and planters to your deck or patio. Enjoy flowers, herbs, or even vegetable plants throughout the heat of the season with these environmentally friendly backyard essentials. Bring that green thumb out this summer!

6. Outdoor Rugs

One of this summer’s top backyard essentials is right below your feet – an outdoor rug! Liven up any outdoor space by including a fun, colorful rug below your picnic table, lounge chairs, or in front of any door. This super simple addition will bring color and a warm inviting feel to any space. Furthermore, they are low maintenance and easy to keep clean throughout the entirety of the season.

7. Outdoor-Friendly Cups & Dishes

Find all the best summer fixings for any outdoor dining occasion by shopping at Kohls. Think plates, cups, serving dishes, and more to bring some practicality to your next BBQ. And don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a ton to get quality outdoor dishes!

kids playing with squirt guns

8. Squirt Guns!

Don’t forget the kids (or the inner child in you)! Bring some life to any party with the addition of good ole squirt guns. Keep the kids entertained this summer, but be prepared to get a little wet. No summer is complete without this backyard essential. Head’s up!

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9. Yard Games

Get the party started or keep it going with the best of the best yard games. Entertain your family and guests with a friendly round of bean toss or bocce ball for old time’s sake. Who’s keeping score, anyway?

10. A Parasol (aka Umbrella)

Whether you speak a little français or not, remember this one for your summer backyard essentials: an umbrella. Duck under the shade for a little relief on some of summer’s hottest days this year. The addition of a sunshade is never a bad idea.

If you already have one, make sure it’s in shape to last another season, because umbrellas are notorious for fading. However, that simply means it’s doing its job!

outdoor movie set up

Find the Best Backyard Must Haves on a Budget

If you’re still on the hunt for a great deal on summer backyard essentials, start your search by browsing Piggy’s Home & Garden coupons, and you’ll be sure to maximize your budget. You can transform your backyard into an oasis on a budget with these backyard must haves, and many more.

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