What a good time to have World Laughter Day 2017 and boost those positive vibes. In a world full of uncertainty and disruption, let’s take a break and laugh for no reason other than choosing to do so. We know laughter cannot fix or heal a problem, but it can help you dissolve the feelings and improve your mood and help you take steps to being positive. Late post as this may be, but I would like to share to you The Laughter Dictionary. Your guide to all the words and acronyms related to tickling your funny bone.

asdfjklfljlasds: a typed response to something funny that you end up hitting random letters on your keyboard.

asg: a shortened version of the Swedish word “asgarva,” which is their version of “LOL”

chortle: a breathy kind of laughter.

chuckle: a soft laugh that is usually suppressed.

giggle: a silly, often high-pitched laughter.

guffaw: a belly laugh—the boisterous kind.

haha: a response to something funny.

hahaha: a response to something genuinely funny, hence the effort of adding an extra syllable.

hahahahahahahaha: a response to something hilarious in which you’re thisclose to laughing in real life.

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!: intense, tears-in-your-eyes laughter. Caps lock, typo, and exclamation mark optional, because you just can’t help it.

harhar: a phrase mimicking the sound of laughter, typically with a hint of sarcasm.

hee-haw: gleeful laughter

heh: a response to something that’s almost funny, but not quite.

hehe: a polite kind of laugh

he he he: how elders would typically convey their laughter via text messages.

hihi: a cutesy way to express your laughter in text.

ho ho ho: laughter, Santa Claus-style

huehuehue: “hahaha” in Portuguese

jajajá: “hahaha” in Spanish; the spelling differs, but the pronunciation is the same.

kkk: pronounced as “kekeke,” which means “hahaha” in Korean.

LOL: Internet slang which means “Laughing Out Loud”

lolwhut: meant for something initially funny, but leaves you confused with what makes it so after a few seconds.

LQTM: Laugh Quietly To Myself

lulz: laughter directed at someone who was pranked.

mwahaha: laughter with a hint of mischief.

ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing

snicker: a smothered way of laughing

teehee: a totes adorable way to express your laugh in text.

555: the Thai version of “LOL”

Which of these do you often use? Tell me on the comments below!

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