The List: Hot Holiday Deals From American Eagle Outfitters




Shop these uber chic finds now!
Shop these uber chic finds now!


If you’ve seen the latest campaign photos of American Eagle Outfitters on social media, you’ll know that you’re in for a magical stylish season. Their timeless pieces couldn’t be more up to date as they’re assembled into layered looks befitting of this opulent time of the year. Even so, the vibe is still 100 percent authentic…

Puffer season’s back (and brighter than ever) 💫#GiveLoveJeans

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Metallic puffer jackets can make even the chilliest of winter nights bright.

We know what you really want 👖 #GiveLoveJeans

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Jeans upgrade for the holidays.

Rocking denim on denim for that Friday feel. #AEJeans

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Nothing contrived; just all-out cool.

Hug it out/feel the love #GiveLoveJeans

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Couple outfits done right.

Mixing textures (mesh + flannel is a fave). #GiveLoveJeans

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Why stick to the usual if you can mix things up?


Get AEO jeans, joggers, and more at very wallet-friendly prices via Piggy. Here are some of their current deals; plus,  2.0% cash back for every purchase.

Tops & Outerwear Stock-up Event: Buy 2 items for 25% off, 3 for 30% off or 4 for 40% off

You can even bulk buy gifts for your girlfriends at a steal!

Buy 1 Get 50% Off Jeans & Joggers

Fact: AEO has one of the most luscious and extensive selections of jeans and joggers globally.

Take 50% off AEO clearance

With the classic nature of AEO pieces, even those in their clearance bin will look fantastic on you in seasons to come.

Take 40% off Aerie bras & bralettes at

Because innerwear and underwear are as important as outerwear!

Aerie Sweatshirts & Sweaters are only $30

30 bucks a pop for their comfy sweats? Oh yes!


What are you waiting for? Head over to the American Eagle Outfitters website now.


Comment: deleted the word GET in “plus,  get 2.0% cash back for every purchase.”


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