4 Money Saving Tips for Buying Large Appliances




Ready to upgrade the kitchen? Time to replace the ol’ faithful, better known as the washing machine or the bread and butter of the laundry room? From total home remodeling projects to buying your first fridge or oven, chances are you’re on the hunt for some of the best places to purchase appliances. But, not just any basic appliance will always do the job. You may have high standards or a set of criteria that must be respected when making your purchase. If you’re looking for reliable products that won’t break the bank, and have the capability to serve all your intents and purposes, Piggy is here for you!

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What Do You Look For When Buying Home Appliances?

There are some things you should be aware of before moving forward with your appliance shopping mission. With appliance deals all over the market, getting the most out of your next large appliance purchase should be your mission objective. Here are 4 helpful tips for buying large appliances to keep in mind, regardless if you’re a serial window shopper or in serious need of an appliance upgrade for your home.

1. Wait For The Sales

The truth is, the bigger the price tag, the better the sales. Companies often have a larger profit margin on big ticket items, therefore you shouldn’t ever pay full price! One of the best tips for buying appliances? Only buy when appliances are the cheapest, and that means waiting for that big annual sale.

So, when are the best sales? Retailers often put their appliances on sale in September, October, and January when new models are rolling out of the factory. Timing is so important. The rule of thumb for the best time of year to buy kitchen appliances is in the fall and winter months. Yes, you got it; Christmas is one of the best times to buy kitchen appliances. Read more advice on the best time of year to buy large appliances from our friends at MoneyCrashers.

Add These 12 Best Holiday Sales to Your Calendar

2. Buy Online

Often, the cheapests means for buying kitchen appliances is online. Low to virtual no-overhead costs help online retailers offer some of the cheapest appliance prices on the market. Skip the traffic and busy parking lots, and buy your appliances online. Chances are, you’ll get it shipped for free too!

What to know how to get the best appliance prices online? Start with using Piggy’s coupons when buying kitchen appliances online, and you’ll be sure to save money and earn the best cash back too.

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3. Look into Warranties & Guarantees

Since nothing lasts forever, manufacturers and retailers’ warranties and guarantees are what you should be looking for when buying home appliances. The best brands usually back their products, because they know they are good. There’s no reason to buy an appliance without a warranty or guarantee, so don’t miss out!

4. Shop Around

Always compare prices! Once you know what you’re looking for, see what several retailers are selling it for. Some stores will even price-match if you find it cheaper elsewhere, so make sure you compare prices no matter what appliance you’re searching for.

Where are the best places to buy appliances cheap? There are several places with great prices, so check out our list of top picks below! To find the best though, you’re definitely going to need to shop around a bit. The best kitchen appliances deals are found during sales when you can combine a discounted price with coupons.

Just remember, never pay full-price!

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Top Stores for Buying Kitchen Appliances

If you’re buying kitchen appliances, then definitely keep the money-saving tips above in mind while you shop at the following stores:


Join the club by considering Costco for your next appliance purchase. They offer a large selection of both big and small household appliance staples. They also continually surprise us with some of their pretty cool high tech appliances that are hot on the market. Whether in the store or online, Costco is full of pleasant surprises and hacks to help you save!


With free shipping on items over $45, you can have your appliance sent straight to your home. We love Lowes for many reasons, and one of those is because of their large selection of great everyday appliances, good for both you, your budget, and your home.

Need more than appliances for your next DIY project? Then Lowes has got you covered.

Home Depot 

One of the globe’s largest home improvement retailers has, you guessed it, some of the best kitchen appliances deals around town! Shop using Piggy’s money-saving coupons to save on their already low-prices. Their online customer support will be there before, during, and long after the sale – so they’re also a good choice if you want no hassles with your appliance shopping! Browse the store for all their industrial-grade, professional home appliances.

Best Buy

Easily recognizable, thanks to their big yellow price tags, Best Buy has one of the largest selections of kitchen and large appliances, along with their more well-known everyday electronics. One of the best places to buy appliances is, without a doubt, Best Buy. Appliances Connection kitchen appliance

Appliances Connection

Be sure to include Appliances Connection on your list of places to shop for appliances when you’re planning your new home theater or kitchen upgrade. With an average savings over $100 and up to 8% cash back, you’ll have extra cash leftover to spend on other necessities when you shop with Piggy.

Purchasing several appliances at once? Check out Appliance Connection’s bundle appliance deals to get everything you need in one fell, budget-friendly, swoop.

ABT Electronics

With tens of thousands of products for every room in your home, ABT Electronics certainly has a wide range of choices for your next home appliance purchase. On top of earning 5% cash back, check out all of Piggy’s coupons for free shipping on select orders and other great deals on large home appliances. With their satisfaction guarantee return policy, it won’t stay home unless you’re satisfied. 

AJ Madison

Save hundreds of dollars on your next renovation project with one of AJ Madison’s appliance package deals. You’ll find excellent savings on Energy Star certified appliances and all the best brands you can count on. Don’t miss out on the amazing savings offered by the “little guys” in appliance shopping (remember you’re supposed to shop around!).

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These Stores & Tips For Buying Large Appliances Are Sure to Help You Save

Piggy has great savings on some of the market’s best places to buy kitchen appliances, and so much more. With coupons and savings on some of the most reputable brands from the retailers you’ve grown to trust, your next home improvement project is going to be a sweet and cheap(er) one!

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