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Buying furniture online is like buying clothes; it often looks stunning and flattering in images, but the reality often doesn’t turn out to be the same story. That medium isn’t always a true medium. You can picture that sleek dining room table all too well, with friends seated around it and your favorite dish nicely placed at its’ center. Or, maybe you’re imagining cozy movie nights on a new sofa with your four-legged friend curled up next to you. Buying furniture online is not always as what your computer screen makes it out to be. Cheap furniture online, once unpacked and brought to life in your space, can often be a hit or miss in reality.

We’ve heard it all, from “it’s too big” to “the color isn’t what I expected” and all the way to “the cushions are cheap and not what I had in mind.” The list of disappointments goes on and on, but there are ways to avoid any disappointment when buying furniture online! So, how can you buy furniture online without any surprises? Spare yourself from buyer’s remorse with these tips on buying online furniture for your next move or upgrade. And don’t forget to use the Piggy Chrome extension or our new and improved Mobile App to save money with coupons and earn cash back.

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6 Tips on How to Buy Furniture Online

If you’re an amature or have just had too many bad experiences in the past, don’t worry because we’re here to help you learn how to shop for furniture online the right way. These are some basic tips you should keep in mind the next time you’re considering buying furniture online.

1. Have Your Dimensions on Hand

And verify them too! No one wants to walk into a room full of sofa. Before checking out with any of your new furniture online, know your room size! One of the most fool-proof ways of buying the right sized furniture online is visualizing it in your space, and by visualizing we mean get the idea out of your head and see it in-person. Use a roll of painter’s tape and map out the dimensions of the piece you’re considering purchasing on the floor where you want to put it. This will help you feel out the space with the new piece in it, without having to haul it up the stairs to really find out it won’t work.

Make sure you consider other factors about the room when buying furniture online too. For example, how’s the circulation? Would something smaller be better adapted? Think realistically, because maybe your dining space does actually have room for the dining table that seats 10 you really love. This is one of the most important tips for buying furniture online; you have to know the size before you buy!

2. Check Out The Shipping Costs

Getting your new purchase into your home can be one of the most challenging tasks when you buy furniture online. However, it can also be one of the easiest parts of the process, especially when someone drops it off directly at your door. People are turning to shopping online for furniture more than ever before in their quest for new furniture, so many furniture websites are trying to make it easier than ever to receive a furniture purchase. Before you make your final purchase, make sure you investigate the seller’s shipping and handling information. Some stores add hefty shipping and handling price tags to off-set low prices (and profit margins) on their cheap furniture online. Occasionally you’ll find a flat-rate or even free shipping option for large bulky items, but the chances are you’ll have to factor shipping and handling fees into your furniture budget. Just take time to read each site’s shipping policy, and other customer FAQs, so you know what you’re signing up for buying furniture online.

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return policy3. Be Aware of Return Policies

Ideally, you’ll find discount furniture online for your next big purchase. Discounted prices can make furniture look downright perfect online, but sometimes the piece is only perfect until it walks through your door. Whether it gets damaged en route or it’s just not the right fit, you should always consider what will happen if you want to return your furniture purchase. So, before buying furniture online, make sure you know what the store’s return policy is. When considering which store website is the best place for you to make your purchase, take the site’s return policy into account and opt to shop where there’s flexible (and forgiving) return policies. You’ll be happy you did should you need to return anything.

4. Drop By Brick & Mortar Locations

Before buying any furniture online you might want to see it in-person, or at least something with the same look and feel. If you’re a tactile shopper, then you’ll most certainly want to touch your furniture before you buy it, and probably sit on it too just to be sure. Chances are they will have fabric and color swatches on hand too! If the odds are in your favor and there’s a local store location near you, it might be worth your while to stop by for an in-person visit. This will allow you to fully understand their products and take your online shopping experience to the next level. A real store will also give you the opportunity to ask the sales staff any and all of your burning questions. Try stopping by stores with locations across the country, like Ashley Furniture HomeStore or Pier 1, and then hop online to get the best discount furniture online.

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5. Read User Reviews

Use the online shopping community to guide your future purchases by tuning into user reviews. See what others have to say about the products in question to help you decide what furniture to buy online. Maybe the color wasn’t portrayed appropriately in the online images or the sofa was on backorder for 10 long weeks, either way you’ll want to know! On the other hand, perhaps the customer service was extraordinary or the velvet cushions are of utmost quality. If you’re on the fence about a decision or looking for additional information, online reviews and product comments are usually helpful to consider when buying furniture online.

6. Hit the Furniture Sales

It’s not surprising that looking for sales is a great tip on how to shop for furniture online, and save money. But, what month has the best furniture sales? The question is which months, because there are indeed two. The majority of furniture retailers unveil their new collections in both February and August, which means they are in need of extra floor space in January and July. This biannual cycle gives you two great opportunities to find cheap furniture online. If you’re not in a hurry, consider doing your online furniture shopping during some of the year’s greatest furniture sale periods. Sometimes, timing is everything.

With these tips for buying furniture online in mind, you can forget any unwanted surprises and buy furniture online with confidence.

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