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Smart Shopper Secrets

Take Your Money A Long Way In These US States With Our Smart Shopping Hacks



Shopping online helps you unearth the best bargains from unique places all over America!

Shopping online helps you unearth the best bargains from unique places all over America!


Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, souvenir shopping is often a prerequisite. Did you know that 40 percent of Internet users make purchases online several times each month? That’s according to an article on statistics portal Statista. Now, depending where in the United States you’re going, there are actually smart shopper secrets that can take your budget really far…

Strolling for Sweets in San Francisco, California

While visiting San Francisco, seasoned travelers often purchase Ghirardelli chocolates, ice cream toppings, or other treats to take back home. This allows you to savor the delectable sweets while reminiscing about your adventures in this gorgeous city. You can get 5 percent cash back and a free hot cocoa sample with every order.

Quality Furniture Finds in North Carolina

If decorating is your passion, you can’t miss a trip to some of the furniture stores in High Point, North Carolina. They’re famous for manufacturing quality pieces at affordable prices. The Piggy browser extension can help you score furniture bargains. Get extra 10 percent off the furniture price and also 2 percent cash back.


Fashionista Finds for the Style Diva in New York City, New York

While visiting famous New York City, you will probably want to invest in some designer clothing. NYC, after all, is considered one of the world’s fashion capitals. By shopping online at Michael Kors, you can get up to 50 percent off and 4 percent cash back.

Puzzling Over History in Washington, DC

A trip to D.C. just wouldn’t be the same without visiting the Smithsonian, International Spy Museum, and other interesting places to learn about the history of our great nation. A great way to memorialize your favorite monument, historical site, or president is to buy a puzzle as a unique souvenir. Get 10 percent off all brain teasers, games, puzzles, and other fun stuff by visiting Puzzle Master.

Cowboy Up Down in Dallas, Texas

When you mosey on down to Dallas, Texas, you’ll likely yearn for some leather apparel, whether it’s boots, purses, coats, or other leather goods. Wrangle big savings by lassoing 5 percent cash back and $10 off a $100 order at Wilson’s Leather.

Magical Finds in Orlando, Florida

Your trip to Disney World wouldn’t be complete without some gifts to take back home to delight your friends and family. You can get 40 percent off some of your favorite Disney products and 3 percent cash back on all your purchases via Piggy.

Bringing Back the Beef From Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Steak Company offers some of the nation’s finest steaks, from flat iron steak to filet mignon. Score up to 6 percent cash back and free shipping when you order online.


Taking advantage of the handy Piggy browser extension is a savvy way to find the most fabulous bargains before, during, and after your travels. Shopping online helps you unearth the best bargains from unique places all over America!