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How to Save Money at Walmart

Walmart is all about helping consumers save money while making their lives better. Maybe you have nostalgic childhood memories of the greeter waiting at the main entrance for you, passing out smiley face stickers. Remember that warm, friendly welcome? We certainly do.

What your parents were doing then is exactly what you’re looking to do now. Asking yourself how to save money at Walmart? Well, it’s not only about saving money. It’s really about living better. As one of the largest retailers in America, you’re sure to find nearly everything you need when you shop at Walmart. From groceries to gardening and electronics to easy do-it-yourself projects, chances are you’ll find yourself in your local Walmart on the hunt for a real good deal at least once a week. For a store that is well-known for its low prices, you might be wondering how to save money shopping at Walmart on top of their already low prices. Don’t worry, there are plenty more ways to save at Walmart beyond the regularly priced items!

Here are just the some of our favorite tips and tricks, and the latest Walmart savings hacks you need before your next shopping trip:

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1. Keep An Eye Out For Discounts on Walmart.com

Have a look at Walmart.com to browse the digital weekly ads for Walmart online deals. Here you’ll find the best deals of the week on everything at your nearest store. To make your life even easier, make yourself an account and save your favorite items to a dedicated list online. This will help you track deals on the products you need most. Even handier? Download the Walmart app to have all the latest Walmart online deals at your fingertips, so you won’t ever miss a great bargain again.

2. Use Your Capital One Credit Card 

Take advantage of some of the best Walmart online steals with your Capital One credit card. Earn 5% cash back on all of your everyday purchases when you shop with your Capital One Mastercard. Even if you’re not getting a deal at Walmart, you can still save money by shopping there. To make the math simple, that’s $5 in your pocket for every hundred spent. Cha-ching, cash back for the win!

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3. Don’t Forget to Price-Match

Wondering how to save money at Walmart? Price-match! Always be sure to compare the price of big ticket items to Walmart prices. If you buy a product and find it cheaper at Walmart, they’ll give you the cheaper price. But wait, you don’t even need to have purchased that item from a different retailer. Simply show one of Walmart’s customer service representatives a competitor’s price and they will match it on the spot. It’s that easy. Want even more good news? This often holds true when you shop at Walmart.com too. Never again, will you experience buyer’s remorse. This is one of Walmart’s best money saving hacks!

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4. Never Pay for Shipping

Buy online and never pay a dime for shipping, this is how to save money shopping at Walmart online! If you tend to spend more than a few bucks when you shop, skip the lines and do it online while taking advantage of free shipping. Save big bucks on shipping when you spend $35 or more and enjoy Walmart’s free two-day shipping.

5. Try Walmart’s Easy Click & Collect Option

One more way to save money at Walmart and avoid shipping fees? Order online and choose the in-store pick-up option. One of Walmart’s greatest features is being able to order online with free shipping to the store of your choice. If you didn’t think it could get any better, place that online order AND get a discount just for ordering it from their website. Walmart offers promotions on several products just by having them shipped to a store. What do you have to lose? Click and collect for the best Walmart online deals!

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6. Buy Refurbished

Did you know Walmart sells certified refurbished products!? Well, now you do! Before you buy that next electronic device, have a gander at Walmart’s attractive refurbished line-up. With certified, guaranteed products, like laptops, headphones, cell phones, TVs, and tablets, you can’t really go wrong shopping at Walmart. This Walmart money saving hack is good for your wallet, and the environment. Shop at Walmart to save more money, and the planet while you’re at it!

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7. Shop In-Season

It’s not only to be in vogue. Shopping for in-season produce and other products that only hit the shelves once a year will help you save the most at Walmart. Buying Christmas decorations in June might not be the wisest of choices. We all know that avocados are sometimes two dollars a piece and at other times only 50¢, so it’s worth choosing your products wisely with the season in mind! When it’s the pumpkin spice time of year, the price of your Halloween decor must haves will be just right. Shop with the seasons in mind as one more way to save at Walmart.

8. Trade In Your Electronics

More and more Walmart stores are accepting trade-ins for electronic devices; those refurbished deals don’t come out of nowhere. Trading in your old electronics will help you score Walmart gift cards while doing something better for the environment! Be sure to check with the store nearest to you. Don’t trash it, trade it in!

Time to Put These Walmart Savings Hacks to Use!

Knowing how to save money shopping at Walmart will keep you on your feet, spending wiser, and well on your way to becoming an online shopping pro for everyday essentials. Install the Piggy Mobile App to ensure you always get the best deals and coupons at Walmart. Save so much more, and live even better, by finding many more ways to save at Walmart.

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