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Figuring out what goes on sale each month is a game changer. Making your plan for what to buy when can save you a ton of cash in the long run! From laptops to clothing to camping gear and beyond, there’s an optimal time of year to buy it all.

If you’re wondering what to buy when, we’re going to break it down for you month-by-month. Be sure to mark down the key dates in each month on your calendar to start scouting your favorite stores for shopping online, or to get ready to purchase items you’ve been saving up for.

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When do things go on sale?

If you’re signed up for your favorite stores’ marketing emails, the answer to this question is pretty obvious. However, if you like to keep your inbox tidy, you’ve probably unsubscribed from those email blasts by now.

If you want to know when things go on sale, just look at each month’s holidays or noteworthy events to figure it out! Major bank holidays like President’s Day and Veteran’s Day, as well as Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, always mean big sales at retailers across the United States. To maximize holiday sales, it’s worth adding all the best shopping sales of 2021 to your calendar.

As for end of season sales, keep your eyes peeled for clearance spring and summer items in June and July, and fall and winter items in January. There’s also usually steep discounts on holiday decorations the day (and weeks) after their respective holiday (November 1, December 26, etc.).

For more details, here’s what to buy when—throughout the year.

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What to buy every month of the year

1. January

January is the month of fresh beginnings and new resolutions. Expect sales on things like fitness equipment (including fitness trackers), home appliances, and fall/winter merchandise. “White sales” on linens are also common.

What goes on sale:

  • Fitness and sports equipment
  • Electronics (TVs and laptops)
  • Bed and bath linens
  • Furniture – check out deals from Overstock!
  • Fall/winter merchandise
  • Tax software

Days to look for sales: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day  

2. February

Valentine’s Day arrives just in time to undo all the health progress you made in January, with sales on decadent candy like chocolate. Also keep an eye out for discounts on things like lingerie, jewelry, and perfume.

What goes on sale:

  • Chocolate and candy (wait until February 15 for better deals)
  • Flowers – shop for deals from 1-800 Flowers
  • Makeup and perfume
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics (TVs)
  • Furniture
  • Homewares
  • Winter apparel

Days to look for sales: Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day

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3. March

March marks the changing of seasons (and the season of spring breakers), as people begin to prepare for the summer months and come out of hibernation. Is it time to makeover your backyard? Retailers say yes in March.

What goes on sale:

  • Air conditioners
  • Gardening supplies
  • Grills
  • Major appliances (i.e. washers, dryers, refrigerators)
  • Luggage
  • Cruises
  • Tax software – check out Intuit Quickbooks deals

Days to look for sales: Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day

4. April

Summer wedding planners and spring cleaners will want to take full advantage of April sales, as well as those who want to stock up on yard and garden supplies for impending summer.

What goes on sale:

Days to look for sales: Earth Day, Tax Day, Easter


5. May

During a shoulder season like May, look for pre-season sales on summer or fall merchandise. Look to Memorial Day for online deals at your favorite stores—and don’t forget about Mother’s Day!

What goes on sale:

Days to look for sales: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day

6. June

With summer in full swing, we hope you grabbed your new swimsuit back in February—but if not, wait until clearance sales in September. And if you missed out on gym membership discounts at the beginning of the year, they typically come back around at this time.

What goes on sale:

Days to look for sales: Flag Day, Father’s Day

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7. July

July inches closer to back-to-school, meaning big stores like Walmart and Target may offer early discounts on school supplies. If you’re not sure what to buy when, then check out 4th of July sales at your favorite retailers and don’t miss Amazon Prime Day for smart devices!

What goes on sale:

Days to look for sales: 4th of July, Amazon Prime Day

8. August

In August, expect flash sales on school supplies and autumn apparel, as well as office supplies and laptops. Summer outdoor gear (including bug spray and sunscreen) and patio furniture also continue to drop in price when the month of August hits.

What goes on sale:

Days to look for sales: Tax Free Weekend, First Day of School

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9. September

With back-to-school in the rearview mirror, take advantage of clearance sales on school supplies. If you’re in the market for a new phone, this is typically the time of year that Apple releases their new model of iPhone, meaning steep discounts on older models (check the best phone carriers before buying!). Labor Day also means deals on appliances and furniture.

What goes on sale:

  • Back-to-school clearance
  • Summer clearance
  • Apple products (especially iPhones)
  • Home appliances – look for deals at Macy’s
  • Winter apparel
  • Thanksgiving airfare

Days to look for sales: Labor Day

10. October

Start planning for the holiday season now! Grab pre-season sales on holiday decor, gifts, and airfare you’ll need in December. You’ll also start seeing sales on fall apparel and winter coats.

What goes on sale:

Days to look for sales: Halloween

Black Friday

11. November

Summer clearance is gone by November, but don’t miss out on early autumn clearance, as stores replace their inventory with Christmas products. And, of course, you’ll score tons of great deals in every shopping category during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you really don’t want to keep track of what to buy every month of the year, then you should prepare to stock up during these huge shopping holidays.

What goes on sale:

Days to look for sales: Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday

12. December

Holiday sales will still be in full swing throughout December, with steep discounts across all shopping categories showing up during the three or four days before Christmas. On December 26, expect clearance sales on holiday decor.

What goes on sale:

Days to look for sales: Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve

Shopping list

Make your plan for what to buy when!

Now that you know what goes on sale each month, you can save a ton of money throughout the year simply by planning for upcoming sales. Practice your willpower this year and resist the temptation to buy your new appliance or new wardrobe at full price—we guarantee it’ll go on sale sooner rather than later. Armed with our insider tips on what to buy every month of the year, and the Piggy extension, you’ll be saving more money everytime you shop!

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