9 Ways To Enjoy Labor Day Like Never Before




What to Do on Labor Day

Marking the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day is that last opportunity for you to pack in all the summer activities you haven’t gotten the chance to fully enjoy yet. You can make the final days of summer last as long as possible by taking full advantage of the three-day Labor Day weekend and make truly lasting memories with your family and friends.

If you’re worried about what to do on Labor Day weekend because you don’t have a ton of wiggle room in your budget, don’t fret! There are plenty of ways for you to enjoy Labor Day on a budget, as long as you include Piggy in your Labor Day planning. By shopping with Piggy, you’ll have the opportunity to save lots of money on discounted weekend trips and supplies for all kinds of fun activities, so you can enjoy Labor Day weekend to the fullest extent without worrying about any financial aftermath.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate Labor Day, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are our most highly recommended things to do to enjoy Labor Day:


1. Host a Backyard Cookout

With the majority of American households barbecuing to enjoy Labor Day weekend at some point, there are lots of stores with great deals on barbecuing necessities. If you’re hoping to stock up on hotdogs, paper plates, or even buy a brand new grill leading up to Labor Day, then shopping online can make your life a little easier. Who wants to spend any precious hours of Labor Day weekend standing in the line at the grocery store?

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man driving a car

2. Head on a Day Trip (or Overnight Getaway!)

Is there a nearby city you’ve always wanted to explore? What about a State Park or historic site? Whatever you’re in the mood for, a day trip can be an action-packed, affordable way to enjoy Labor Day. And if you prefer to stay the night, you can look for full weekend adventures at a discount to maximize all three days. Road tripping as summer comes to a close is a great way to enjoy Labor Day weekend.

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playing bocce ball

3. Enjoy Outdoor Games

While the sun is still shining, it’s an ideal time to enjoy time with your friends and family throwing a frisbee in the backyard, playing lawn twister, or giggling over the lack of coordination that ensues from a three-legged race. No matter what type of outdoor games suit your interests, creating some fun competition during Labor Day weekend is sure to make lasting memories.

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men around a campfire

4. Go Camping

Why not “rough it” to enjoy Labor Day weekend? If you don’t live close to any parks, your backyard is never a bad option. Camping out in your backyard can help you save money on camp site fees and fuel, and save you time lugging everything from one place to another. You can set up your tent, look up at the stars, and make s’mores over the campfire in your backyard, or if you’re up for it traveling to a new place, then you can add some adventure to your Labor Day weekend too.

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5. Head to a Sports Game or Concert

Whether you’re into sports or music, there are always plenty of events happening on Labor Day weekend. If you’re trying to enjoy Labor Day weekend to the fullest extent, you could even consider getting tickets to a concert and a sporting event. And don’t worry, Piggy can help you get good deals on tickets too!

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painting art supplies

6. Learn Something New

Been dying to try fishing or want to try creating your very own artwork? You can really take a break from the daily grind by letting your creative side blossom or enjoying the peacefulness of nature. Labor Day weekend is a great time to step outside your comfort zone to try something new. The possibilities for learning something new are endless!

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couple at a local cafe

7. Think Local

Enjoy Labor Day weekend by planning an itinerary that allows you to explore your own city in new ways. You could spend one day cooking up an incredible lunch, and then take it to a nearby park for a picnic with friends and family. Or if you’re trying to enjoy Labor Day with as little effort as possible, just go check out a cafe or restaurant in your neighborhood you haven’t tried yet. Order an appetizer, get a happy hour drink, and don’t feel bad about asking for the dessert menu too. If you’re really into supporting local businesses, you could even plan a treasure hunt or bar crawl with friends to hop from spot to spot throughout the whole weekend.

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relaxing on the beach

8. Satisfy Your Travel Itch

If you haven’t taken a mini-vacay in far too long, then take advantage of the time off and enjoy Labor Day by taking a much needed vacation somewhere new. Some great destinations for Labor Day deals include Washington, Las Vegas, Toronto, Orlando, and New York City!

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apple orchard

9. Go Apple Picking

Yep, you read that right. Apple picking is the perfect Labor Day weekend activity for all ages, and a great way to end summer. While on an apple picking outing you can enjoy fresh apple crisp, go on hayrides, get lost in corn husk mazes, and have a memorable time with your loved ones. Visiting an apple orchard is the perfect kickoff to fall, offering a unique activity that combines exercise, delicious food, and a pocket-friendly activity for the whole family.

Did You Decide How to Celebrate Labor Day Yet?

If you weren’t sure what to do on Labor Day weekend, we hope you’ve figured out the best way for you to enjoy the time off by now! Whether you decide to buy a new tent and go on an overnight camping trip, organize a family cookout in your backyard, or have a night out in your city, you can find plenty of irresistible deals from Piggy that will help you enjoy Labor Day. Labor Day is the perfect reason to invest in some me-time and reward yourself for all your hard work.

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