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Save Like A Sports Pro!



We've got tips from real-life sports icons.

We’ve got tips from real-life sports icons.

Much like the court, the field, and the track, saving is an arena that’s very rewarding. That’s if you play your cards right. As any athlete knows, the journey to becoming stellar in sports is no walk in the park — and so is the road to financial wellness. Hence, truly worth noting are those who have conquered the temptation to spend money as if there’s no tomorrow. Learn how to win at life like them:

Make frugality king, like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The WWE Champion is as tough with money as he is with his opponents in the ring. His lifestyle choices? Motel 6 accommodations and driving around a 1995 Ford Bronco. Check out his podcast for more stories on his frugality, and while you’re at it, take your own first step towards maximum saving by checking out what discounts you can get via Piggy. Yay for more bang for your buck!

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Ask lots of questions, like Desmond Howard.

“You quickly realize,” the former NFL player and now ESPN journalist said in an interview with, “that you’re the boss of something you don’t really understand. You’re supposed to be the one in charge but you really feel subservient because you don’t understand any of it.” So when setting up investments or working with a financial advisor, make sure “you work with someone who can explain it to you.”

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Enjoy life’s simple pleasures, like Daniel Norris.

On off-baseball days, the Detroit Tigers seasoned pitcher basks in the beauty of nature. He drives off to the farthest place he can to live the camper’s life. Learn to see more value in everyday things because a lot of times, the best things in life are free. Switch up movie nights with a stroll in the park. Or invest more in meaningful conversations over meals than expensive shoes.

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Think big picture, like Magic Johnson.

While at the peak of his career, the former NBA star did not rest on his laurels. Instead, he already began getting into business by securing shareholder status in the Lakers franchise. He later earned a huge sum when he sold it off. “Magic was able to reach this level of financial power because he always kept his eyes on that specific goal,” said Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in an ESPN interview. Keep your eyes on the prize by making a vision board featuring your money and life goals. Just make sure to create a representation of how you want to feel, not just what you want to have.

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Keep it cool, like Annika Sorenstam.

The Swedish golf legend shared with, “I’m very conservative with my investments and I realized it takes some ice in your belly… you know, staying cool and not making emotional decisions.” Her modus operandi? Much like how she plays golf, she studies this arena — how different investments rotate in and out of favor. Be very conscious of where you place your money and avoid jumping into any finance bandwagon before doing your own research.

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Cliché as it sounds, remember that life is not a sprint, but a marathon. Enjoy the journey by using your resources wisely— go make those money-smart sports pros proud.