It’s Super Bowl time and I am sure you are all enjoying the evening with some popcorn, beer or wine. I feel like the luckiest girl ever and let me tell you why. Now if you’re anything like me, you enjoy a nice glass of wine, particularly a glass of red wine. Beer is the fan favorite, but what about a glass of wine for a change? I was lucky enough to have this amazing, innovative company by the name of Bright Cellars. They offered to send me a box of subscription wine. It’s a customized box of wine that is based on a test they gave me. And they send me this box with FOUR bottles of wine. What a deal! Read on and find out how you can get on with it and also get a discount on your first order. 🙂

Bright Cellars is a wine subscription company founded by two MIT grads who created an algorithm to match us with the best wines. Basically, the way Bright Cellars work is really neat. You sign up for an account, and you take a quiz. This quiz is going to ask you different questions about what your tastes like. They try to get an idea of what your taste palate are. They then use this to match you with wines, which would be a good fit for your taste buds.

They ask you about the type of chocolate you like, the kind of meat that you eat, the kind of dinner you prefer and more. They make sure to get an idea of your taste preferences. Now they use those information to customized a list of different wines that they will send you to try out for the first time.

Your subscription comes with a Delight Guarantee. If ever you are matched with any wines you don’t love, Bright Cellars will send you a replacement bottle for free. You can also skip a month, change delivery frequency, or cancel at any time with no penalty. You can earn Bright Points for rating your wines online, repeat purchases, referring friends. Bright Points can be used to redeem free bottles of wine or other goodies in the member shop. Furthermore, their team is excellent for helping with questions about wine pairings, tasting notes, and any questions about your subscription. They are reachable through phone or email and have a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate! Sounds cool, right?!


Whether you’re amped up for the Super Bowl itself or the commercials, I’m betting you’re gonna be drinking and eating…a lot. Instead of pulling out some random bottle or red or white wine, why not pair it up with the perfect bottle for your favorite Super Bowl food. Go ahead and click here  and get yourself a 50% off of your first subscription box!

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