By stretching your budget with help of Piggy and these money saving hacks, you can be sure that your theme park adventures will become treasured family memories.
By stretching your budget with these money saving hacks, you can be sure that your theme park adventures will become treasured family memories.


From Hershey Park to Disney World, theme parks are one of the greatest summer pastimes for families everywhere. Whether you are gearing up for a trip to the happiest, or the sweetest, place on Earth, you know that the lifelong memories you can create are countless. With thrill-seeking rides, top-of-the-line entertainment, and delicious food, there is only one drawback: The cost. Using these simple hacks, you will be armed with the knowledge to make this adventure the best one yet!

Plan Ahead

Before your trip, carefully plan ahead for all of the items that you may need throughout the day. Sunscreen, for instance, will cost you around $5 at Target, but may be three times the price inside of the park. Ordering these items online at Target will also provide you with 1 percent cash back via Piggy, to further maximize your savings.

Purchase Tickets Online

Coupon websites, such as the popular Groupon, offer deeply discounted prices on theme park admission. Book while using Piggy to qualify for as much as 7 percent cash back on the price of your tickets.

Book a Hotel Online

If you are traveling out of state to visit a theme park, book your hotel online. Prices are generally cheaper, and by booking through travel websites such as Orbitz, you can earn 3 percent cash back along with countless coupon codes for additional discounts.

Carry an Insulated Backpack

Locker rentals at theme parks are widely available, however, they come at a price and can be inconvenient. Purchase an insulated backpack to carry all of your necessities throughout the day. The insulation will also allow you to pack chilled beverages to save on the high costs of drinks inside the park. Earn up to 3 percent cash back when you buy your insulated backpack at eBags.


Join Piggy today to start spending more time enjoying the smiles on your children’s faces and less time worrying about your bank account. As you navigate your way through the greatest places on Earth, enjoy the freedom of indulging in rides, souvenirs, and tasty treats without hesitation.

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