How Does Piggy Make Money?

Piggy is 100% something you can trust and is NOT a scam. Piggy has been verified and vetted by anti-virus agencies around the world such as: Norton, McAfee, Symantec and Windows Defender. Piggy has even gone as far as having developers from Google, Apple and Mozilla pick apart its software technology to verify it is safe!

The question we often receive is, “How can a free program like Piggy be legit if it is not charging for services?”. The answer is quite simple. Each time you visit and complete a purchase using Piggy at a participating store, they pay us a small commission. We then keep a small percentage and pay you the majority of the commission as cashback. It is really that simple. Don’t believe us? Just see what our users have to say about this: Chrome Webstore Reviews

Piggy has also been featured in several well respected news sources as the best tool to use when looking for coupon codes and cashback online.

“Get this installed and you should be sure of getting any available discounts applied before you part with your cash, and again it saves you the trouble of having to hunt around the web for offers yourself, or sift through your inbox for any relevant coupon codes.” -

“Piggy, a New Automatic Coupon and Cashback Rewards Service, Makes Saving Money and Earning Rewards Dead Simple” -

“Smart online shoppers often search Google for money-saving discount codes before making their purchases. Smarter shoppers in the know also take advantage of cash back sites to save even more. The smartest shoppers of all, however, have discovered that using the Piggy Chrome extension rewards them with the biggest savings and cash back to boot, all with the greatest of ease.” -  Digital Journal, view full article here.

Partnered with over 6,000 merchants and growing, you can conveniently view your transactions, earnings, and payouts all in one place. Piggy’s Chrome extension at the time of writing this article is trusted by almost 1.54 million members worldwide. Certainly this program is not a scam!