I’m Missing Cash Back Rewards in My Piggy Account, What Do I Do?

If you think you’re missing cash back for online purchases made using the Piggy cash back extension, here’s what you might be doing wrong:

  1. You do not have cookies enabled on your computer. Always make sure cookies are enabled before you do your online shopping, so Piggy has the ability to pass your random tracking ID to store partners, allowing you to earn cash back.
  2. You have clicked an affiliated link outside of Piggy at some point before checking out, which may have overwritten your Piggy cash back. Be sure to always click on the Piggy Chrome extension just before completing an online purchase to ensure your tracking ID is not overwritten.
  3. You clicked on the Piggy cash back extension, but you didn’t finalize your purchase within 24 hours. Always make sure you activate the Piggy extension within 24 hours of completing your online purchase (preferably right beforehand) to ensure your cookie is tracked properly.
  4. The store partner lost your random tracking ID or has not reported the transaction to Piggy yet. If you have not seen your transaction post within 7 business days in your Piggy account, just submit a missing cash back claim to us.

Even if one of the above situations seems to apply to you, Piggy can still attempt to recover your cash back for online purchases. The chances of recovering cash back for online shopping you did using a competing cash back site are low, but there’s still a chance! In all other scenarios outlined above, Piggy has a high rate of success in recovering your cash back rewards. Just submit a claim via your Piggy account once you are logged to get started.