Can I Use Piggy on Amazon?

Piggy works with Amazon to not only provide you coupons, but price comparison as well. Since coupons rarely exist on Amazon, Piggy developed software that scans the product you are searching for on Amazon and tries to find the exact product on Amazon at a lower overall price from a different seller. Piggy takes into account, shipping costs, Prime membership, taxes and the product price on its match. Since Amazon changes its pricing literally millions of times a day, there’s very often price differences between merchants on Amazon and when there is, we will find them for you automatically.

Just click the little savings button when it appears with savings on the product page.

You can review the price match, then select it and add it directly to your Amazon cart.

Piggy also offers a service if you wish to begin price comparing products on Amazon with products on Walmart or Ebay. Piggy will do the same thing where it searches for the exact same product and then notifies you if there is a better price. You will be surprised how often Piggy is able to come up with savings on Amazon. Even if you are already getting the best deal, it is reassuring that Piggy is checking those prices for you automatically so you know you are always getting the best deal.