Never Shop On Amazon Without Using This Trick

Sara Sara
Never Shop On Amazon Without Using This Trick

Do you think you always get the best price when you shop on Amazon? Even Prime shoppers may be in for a surprise. Hint: you’re not always getting the best deal. ;)

Find out why Over 1,000,000 Amazon Shoppers Already Use This

Piggy is a popular browser tool that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout at thousands of online stores. And now it even finds you the best deals on Amazon, automatically!

Amazon doesn’t include sale tax and shipping costs while you’re browsing products, so you may find out what you thought was a great deal isn’t so great when you get to checkout.

With Piggy, you automatically know the best total price before you get to checkout.

Piggy even lets you know if you can save more just by waiting a couple of days for delivery. Prime is great, I’ve been a member for 20 years. But getting the best deal is even better.

Free Money Saving Tool

Free Money Saving Tool

Shop on Amazon like you normally do and the Piggy button will appear showing if you’re getting the best price or if you can get a better deal. Click the button and Piggy shows you how much you can save by buying the same item from a different seller on Amazon.

When Piggy finds a better price, just click Piggy’s Add to Cart button and you’re all set..

It's quite simple and ingenious really.

Piggy calculates the savings based on the final price of an item; including sales tax, shipping costs, delivery times and Prime membership status. You can still get Prime deals, sometimes at an even better price.

If you want the lower price, you can just add it to your cart with one click.

Think you’ve already found the best deal? That’s awesome, Piggy will confirm that and let you know.

You won’t always save when you shop on Amazon, but Piggy will always make sure you get the best price. If you’re looking for a free time and money saving tool, try Piggy today and never overpay again on Amazon and thousands of other stores.

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1,218,379 Users saving time and money